Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – Independence Day Greeting 2023

Friends of Israel around the world, today, we are celebrating 75 years of Israel's independence. What a transformation it has been to our people. Seventy-five years ago, we emerged from the Holocaust, a wind tossed people scattered around the globe, decimated, annihilated by the worst evil in history.

Yet today, Israel is a rising power among the world. It's a technological juggernaut, one that is esteemed by the nations around the world, one that is helping people around so many countries: in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America and elsewhere. We've become the example of how you build something seemingly from nothing. We do more with less.

But it's not from nothing that we built this. We've built this based on the age old dream that we never gave up to return to our homeland to rebuild our national life, to be able to defend ourselves, to be able to create and forge a future, a future of peace, not only for ourselves, but for others as well. And indeed we've achieved peace, first with Egypt and Jordan, and most recently in the Abraham Accords with four other Arab states. I intend to lead the expansion of this peace to unimaginable heights.

We have a brilliant future ahead of us. It is possible if we march towards it together. And we will do so, despite the differences, despite the robust arguments that you have in Israel's robust democracy, we will march forward together.

Happy Independence Day, Israel!

Video: Roi Avraham, GPO

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    סתם אידיוט ,!!
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  2. Can Israel Win against Terror?

    Since the birth of the Jewish nation, it has faced vicious enemies. Each time, a different villain sought to extinguish our nation. They almost always won, and we almost always lost, but in the end, we are still here and they are long gone.

    Terrorism is a new kind of adversary: ill-equipped, disorganized, and untrained, yet tenacious and full of fighting spirit. The latter two were precisely our weapons when we fought against mighty enemies, and now we feel lost precisely because we do not have them. If we rebuild our spirit, we will win without a fight. If we do not rebuild it, we will lose no matter how hard we fight.

    Today’s terrorists are more resourceful than ever, and they are fearless. We, on the other hand, despite having far superior equipment, are timid, passive, and dejected. If we continue to rely only on weapons, we will disintegrate, the country will dissolve, and our people will return to the dismal state it was in prior to the establishment of Israel, and which culminated in the Holocaust.

    If we want to win against terror and stay in Israel, we have to act on two levels: internal and external. The internal level is the decisive one, and the one that will determine if we succeed. However, the external level is vital as a means to enable our work on the internal.

    On the external level, we must cut off all ties with the enemy, and fight against it just as we should fight against an enemy. In other words, if they come to kill us, we should kill them first. At that point in our struggle, we should have no thoughts of peace because it will not happen. On the contrary, the more passive we are, the more aggressive they will become, leading to more casualties on both sides.

    As with any struggle for survival in nature, if your enemy wants to kill you, and you are hesitant, it will not pacify your enemy, but only make him more aggressive because he will interpret your hesitation as a sign of weakness. But if you show strength, determination, and courage, your enemy will hesitate, and this will buy you time to do what you need to do.

    Once we have relative peace, we should focus all our efforts on the internal level, which is within the Israeli society. The key element that makes us strong is our unity. Although Jews are famous for never agreeing, our ability to rise above our disagreements and form a society based on mutual responsibility and care for one another has earned us the title Am Segula (a virtuous people), whose mission was to become an example of unity, a light to the nations.

    The Segula (virtue) that awarded us the title was our determination to nurture love of others to the point where we have made it the overarching principle of Jewish law. This is why Rabbi Akiva said that “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the whole, and the law of the Torah.

    The unity of the people of Israel was unique and praiseworthy precisely because it was so unlikely. It was unity among people from multiple backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, who agreed on one and only thing: unity is superior to all other values. You can believe whatever you want and live however you want, but if you value unity with all other people above all else, you are one of us, a member of the Israeli people.

    The diversity of the ancient Israelites forced them to forge an extremely powerful union, something that could overcome ancient rivalries and natural suspicion. When they succeeded and united “as one man with one heart,” they became a model that the world could replicate if it were to aspire for peace among all people.

    After centuries of struggles and infighting, the people of Israel succumbed to the alienation among them, and unity was no longer their superior value. The people dispersed and were exiled from Israel, and the Jewish people have become the world’s pariahs. Not only did they become the opposite example of the one they were meant to serve, but in doing so, they denied the world of hope that there could be peace among all people. This is why Jew-hatred is so pervasive.

    Now that we are back in Israel, we have a chance to reestablish our unity. If we can exalt the value of unity above all other values, we will once again be a light to the nations, and we will win the world’s favor. We will win the struggle over Israel without a fight not because the Arabs will surrender, but because they will want to join our unity and will want us to set the example that they, too, need.

    But if we succumb to infighting once again, there is no question that our enemies will win and drive us out from Israel no matter how superior our military capabilities may be. The fight against terrorism, therefore, will succeed only if it is a prelude to the real battle: against our hatred of each other.

  3. Saturn, Judaism and IsraEL

    EL is the singular form of Elohim  (God in Hebrew) although seldomly used.

    Egyptian mythology:

    IS= ISIS( daugter of saturn)
    RA= Sun ( Saturn)
    EL= Saturn (semitic god)

    Shabbath/ Sabbatai is the Hebrew word for Saturn.

    Saturn =  EL = Shabbath

    El like,


    But also


    And also


    BIB-EL   – (was changed)
    TEMP-EL (was changed)
    App-el        (was changed)



    No-EL = Christmas = Saturnalia

    As for the star of David,

    Whoever said it was two overlapping triangles??


    Give the star to any mathematician and they ll give you the number six as it keeps coming back again and again.

    IT'S ACTUALLY A HEXAGON WITH 6 EQUILATERAL TRIANGLES (60%) ON ITS 6 SIDES. Bare in mind that Saturn is the sixth planet as well…

    Hexagons in nature to name a few,

    -Saturn's North Pole  (
    -Huney comb
    -The center of the Star of David

    Type "Saturn north Pole " on Google and you will find a perfect hexagon identical to that of the star of David.



    Using French and Spanish will make it easier,








    Saturn shalom

  4. Happy Independence Day 🙏🇮🇱🙏
    & Long Live Benjamin Netanyahu 💔
    We Love you wherever they trying to
    do actually in Israël don’t give up it’s
    Our life and our old generation whom
    suffer until now so be strong and you
    have to know that Israël it’s in your..
    Hand 💙🇮🇱💙👑💙👑💙🇮🇱💙💪
    Bhm Adouny ❤️🙏❤️🇮🇱❤️🙏 😇

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